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Dr. Chernyk is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and has a strict privacy policy to protect your personal information online and in your treatment sessions.  This is a secure website which is SSL-certified.  However as most know, even the most secure websites can be hacked.  Please keep in mind that providing information online is always a risk to your privacy. 



If you are going to submit information electronically, please know that this site does not track, collect, or distribute personal information about you.  If we do communicate with you via email or text, please remember that even with our best efforts, information may not be entirely secure.  Emails and information contained in emails, along with scheduling information is kept confidential through password protection or is destroyed when your written request has been satisfied.  We subscribe to the HonCode principles relating to healthcare online and comply with security encryption requirements mandated by HIPAA.   You will notice that the web address is SSL protected.  The personal information you provide is stored securely, is accessible only by Dr. Chernyk and is used only for the specific purpose for which you provide the information (e.g. to confirm an appointment, verify receipt of a document, send you requested information or comply with your request to bill insurance).  Personal information will not be released to third parties except to further the purpose for which you provide the information for and if such release is required by law.  


Generally speaking, the information which is discussed in your treatment sessions is confidential.  There are however, several instances in which information about potential harm must be reported to authorities.  The circumstances under which Dr. Chernyk is legally required to breach your privacy in treatment include the following:

  • You indicate that you intend to seriously harm yourself or someone else

  • You indicate that a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or molestation exists

  • You make your psychological status an issue in a court of law

  • Your minor child/teen is receiving treatment from Dr. Chernyk and as such, is legally obligated to keep both parents or guardian informed of the minor's progress in treatment.  If you request that access to another parent be restricted, please provide our office with a copy of the court order indicating that access to treatment progress is to be legally restricted before treatment begins.    

  • Dr. Chernyk needs to consult with another professional about your treatment (in this case, your name and other identifying information will not be revealed).​

Click here to read Dr. Chernyk's Privacy Policy

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